Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Finally an update!

As you can tell, I am starting to get into the swing of things again. Trying to at least.

I am still passing those stinking stone fragments, which means I am still basically passing stones, every day, for 3 weeks now. At my 2 week check, the Dr informed me I still have a long way to go to have them all passed. Yay.

BUT, the pain, the intense, constant pain that was keeping me in bed for the past couple of months, and keeping me from enjoying life for the past 2+ years.... IT IS GONE! It's not there. When they blasted that blasted stone, they blasted that pain right out the door!

For those who are wondering, I have had 5 children, all 5 were different labors. Some were intense, others were easy. Out of the 5 births, only one was more intense than passing kidney stones. And you get a cute snuggle bunny when you have a baby. All you get when you pass a stone, is a thorny, prickly porcupine type thing that cuts and rips and tears its way out of your body... oh wait, that is labor too! At least the cuts, rips and tears its way out part is.

At one point, the day after my surgery, I was laying in an extremely hot tub of water, trying to alleviate the pain, and help gravity help my stones to move, and I looked at Stud and said "I can't do this anymore" I remember saying those same words to him more than once while birthing our babies.

So, I am alive, I am pain free, more or less most of the time, and am passing stones like a champ.

Stud is still Stud,
Oldest got exposed to a chemical at work
Oldest's GF is looking for a job
Son2 moved to a new apartment
Son3 still won't go get his driver's license
Son4 would do almost anything for his driver's license, but we won't let him get it til he turns 18... he's 16.
Youngest is in puppy love.

That is our life these days summed up.

How about you?


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