Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Professional

The professional by Rhonda Nelson was a quick, easy read. I think it was a bit too quick for me. I would have like to have seen more of the investigative side of things, more of the issues between Sophie and her family, which were a great side story,but if delved into more would have made a great main story line.

I did enjoy getting to know Jeb and Sophie and the eclectic bunch of folks surrounding them. Maybe some of the oldie but goodies could get a sequel to let us know how they are doing?

Not what I expected.

I recently received Covert Seduction by Callie Croix from Netgalley to review. It wasn't what I expected.

While I enjoyed Covert Seduction, it could have been better. I didn't find myself invested in the characters at all. Especially Becca. She was to self absorbed, caught up in why Reid hadn't contacted her and not keeping in mind that as the significant other, and not spouse of a Special OPS agent, that you go for weeks and months without a word. Her whining on and on about not hearing from him frankly got on my nerves, which made the book much less enjoyable for me.