Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Code Triage by Candace Calvert

 Code Triage by Candace Calvert is book three in her Mercy Hospital series.  I have been privileged enough to read all three of these books, and have enjoyed them immensely.  Each book can easily stand alone, but yet they are woven together in a way that makes you yearn for the next one the the series.  

Dr. Leigh Stathos is a no nonsense kind of doctor.  She loves working in the fast paced, treat em and street em environment of the ER.  This way she doesn't have to get emotionally involved with any of her patients, or anyone else for that matter.  Working her way through a divorce, emotional involvement is the last thing she needs or wants.  Her personal life is muddled enough with the divorce and caring for her wreck of a sister, she can't stand to let anyone else in.  Life has taught her the hard way that nothing lasts forever, at least not for her.  Leigh  has her feelings and emotions neatly packed away, not allowing them to come to the surface  for any reason, until she has a chance encounter with the woman who caused her pending divorce.  

Nick Stathos' motto is never give up, no way, no how...  The former chef/restaurant owner changed career paths after being called to police work, little did he know it would be the beginning of the downslide of his marriage to Leigh, with a one time drunken, grief driven indiscretion being the final straw that broke his marriage completely.  All he wants is one more chance with Leigh to prove his love and commitment to her.  If he could only get her to listen to him, face to face one time.   His and his wife's paths cross in the ER when he escorts a single mom, and her ailing children to the ER and Leigh draws them as her patients, bringing Leigh and Nick together and helping them get past their initial differences, until and unexpected curve is thrown in their path when the social worked attached to the case is the woman who Nick spent the night with in a drunken stupor.  

Candace Calvert weaves a story that lifts you, breaks your heart, and then lifts you again, giving you a roller coaster ride of a lifetime.  I love Leigh and her vulnerabilities entrench you to her immediately.  She hurts, she feels, and tries to put on a brave face to all, never letting anyone know she is in pain.  I think she is my favorite of Ms Calvert's heroines so far.  I loved this book, it left me begging for more.  



Thank you, very kindly, for this thorough and thoughtful review of Code Triage--I am honored. And sincerely hope that you read it on the beach . . . ahhh. :-)



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