Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Topkapi Secret

American professor Angela Hall's world is falling apart. Left with two things: her money and her job, she sets out to research women's issues in The Middle East. Until she crosses paths with Mohammed Atareek...

Mohammed is a man on a mission. Raised in the Muslim faith, he has learned something no Muslim is supposed to know: the Koran of today is not the original. Could it be true? Mohammed will risk his life to find out.

When Angela's and Mohammed's worlds collide, sparks fly--both from their hearts and the tempers of the terrorists following them

Terry Kelhawk couldn't have written a more perfect book for today's times! The Topkapi Secret has it all, intrigue, controversy, romance and a bit of danger all wrapped up into one neat little package.  As her debut novel Ms Kelhawk took on an ominous topic, and dove right in feet first to shed some light on the mystery around the Koran and how, if any it had been changed or modified over the years.

While I do typically like the romance in novels to grab me from the get go, and the pacing of the one between main characters Angela and Mohommed is slower than I am accustomed, it did keep me turning page after page waiting to see if they finally made it!.  I will definitely keep my eyes peeled for the next in Terry Kelhawk's adventures in fiction!


Terry Kelhawk is an award winning speaker, writer, teacher with significant personal and professional experience with the middle east and Islam.  She holds a doctorate degree but believes people should keep on learning through life.  Her areas of interest are culture, religion and women's rights, especially in the middle east.  She blogs on,, and and likes to travel, read and asking questions.


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