Monday, September 27, 2010

The Edge of the Divine by Sandi Patty

I have to start out by saying I've not been a huge fan of Sandi Patty.  I guess I could just never really relate to her.  I've always admired her voice, and her determination, especially when she was essentially shunned by the christian community after her divorce and the tabloid like rumors that followed.  But her latest book, The Edge of the Divine has changed my mind.

The Edge of the Divine was an easy read, you could definitely  'hear' Sandi's voice while reading it.  It was almost like sitting in a coffee shop, sharing girl talk over a cappaccino.  Starting with her first visit to the lap-band clinic, you walk with Sandi as she goes through the procedure, recovers and starts  losing the weight.  This is a great book for someone considering lap-band surgery, and for women who suffer from obesity, its a light at the end of the tunnel seeing her transformation.  It is an encouraging book, not life-changing, but one that leaves you with the notion, that "hey, Sandi did it, maybe I can too!".


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