Monday, June 11, 2012

My Big Bottom Blessings, and GIVEAWAY!

The first thing I noticed about My Big Bottom Blessing by Teasi Cannon, is her author pic. She looks like someone you would sit down and have coffee with, go shopping with, try on hats in the store, and just over all have a good time with. She just looks that happy and friendly. My Big Bottom Blessing is filled with things that make you sit back and think "hrmmmmm, how's she get in my head like that?", as well as things that make you ROFL. I loved reading Teasi's perspective, and how she made the journey to being comfortable in her own skin. I am doubly blessed to be able to offer a copy of My Big Bottom Blessing to one of my readers! The contest runs til June 15 at 11:59pm EST. To enter all you have to do is comment on this post telling me one thing you LOVE about yourself! It can be physical, personality based, or whatever! Just one thing you LOVE!!!!!!! Mine, I love my legs. I've always had nice legs! Well shaped, in proportion... the rest of my body... no so much! But hey, I'm working on it! My Big Bottom Blessing as described by Amazon: One woman's hilarious, yet totally honest battle with body image exposes the secret that loving the girl in the mirror isn't about changing how you look, but about changing what you see. Teasi Cannon's lifelong struggle with weight loss not only made her hate her body, but destroyed her marriage and led to an emotional breakdown. Today she's happy about her bottom, not because the size has changed, but because her perspective has. Her funny, gut-honest insights will inspire millions of women of all ages with body image issues to embrace their value and beauty. They'll learn to silence their own inner critics, debunk self-sabotaging lies, and get spiritually and emotionally happy. Her book includes an in-depth book club or small group study guide. About the Author Teasi Cannon Teasi (pronounced Tee See) is married to her best friend, Bill Cannon, and they have three awesome children: Carli, Ben, and Sam. Teasi has a master’s degree in pastoral counseling from Liberty Theological Seminary, and is a sought-after speaker who loves to help women remember who they are in Christ.


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